Wednesday, January 28, 2009


noun. Oh famous groin. Oh happy day!

Real citation: "So here's the upshot. We have been trying to overcome our unhealthy obsession with famous sin-zones. After Sharon Stone assailed us with her vaginal tsunami and her cat-woman anatomy lesson, we sought therapy. When Agent Scully was stricken with a bizarre case of uterine worm-hole, we found solace in Jesus and vodka. And when Adrian Grenier went commando in his spandex Richard Simmons Jazzercise pants, we consulted the I Ching and sacrificed a goat to beelzebub. In short, we are doing our damnedest to heal our unnatural preoccupation with celebu-crotch. So why are you doing this to us?"
(Jan. 26, 2009, Can O' Whup-Ass,

Made-up citation: "My crotch is so sad. It will never be a celebu-crotch. Except to your mom."

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Anonymous said...

We fully endorse your usage and conscription of our brilliantly coined phrase, celebu-crotch.