Sunday, December 10, 2006

metric turdload

noun. A lot. A turdy lot.

Related terms: metric buttload, metric assload, metric arseload, metric heinie-load, metric bootyload, metric poop-load, metric poo-load, metric shitload, metric crapload, metric fuckload, metric boatload, metric truckload, metric smurfload, metric cuntload, metric dickload, metric cockload, metric pantload, metric pantsload, metric jesus-load.

Real citation: "alchohol cuases depression on its own without accutane. Throughout my entire course I drank a metric turdload of beer and all of my bloodtests were groovy baby. Now thats probably not a good idea or anything but Im just relaying my experience."
(lepermessiah, Jan. 6, 2003,

Made-up citation: "While listening to Christmas music, I can think of a metric turdload of preferable activities, including alternative interrogation methods and drowning."

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