Monday, December 11, 2006


noun. The depressing process--sometimes involving ice water--of limpifying a tallywhacker.

Related terms: bonerification. non-bonerification, bonerify, debonerfy.

Real citation: "That's too bad because I've always had nice, beautiful, sometimes erotic images of Fergie in my head. Now every time I see the video for Don't Phunk With My Heart, even though she looks so smokin' hot and her hair is all crazy sexy cool, the damn pictures of her and her pee pee pants creeps into my head. Talk about a boner killer. Forget thinking about baseball or flowers or Janet Reno for de-bonerification. Now all you need is this sultry picture of Fergie and her urine soaked crotch!"
(cjlampa, Aug. 8, 2005,

Made-up citation: "Winter is like the de-bonerification of Mother Nature. Um, if she was a dude."

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