Tuesday, July 25, 2006


noun. A somewhat bugfuck way to be. In other words: Potato wing! Potato wing!

Real citation: "But whatever, is this sort of conversation typical, or have I managed to secure yet another nutbar? Lots of other evidence points to nutbarhood (expectation that I'll read her mind and figure out what she wants without her telling me, a general grumpiness toward me based on my txt messages, complete lack of response when I ask if she wants to meet me in person, complete lack of response when I ask what's wrong/what I've done to upset her, and complete lack of desire to communicate anything at all even though she's obviously unhappy with things ('I don't want to talk, can't things just be?'). But I'm always open to the idea that I'm wrong somehow, I'm missing something."
(Damian. Feb. 27, 2004, http://addict.net.nz/comments.php?id=2774&PHPSESSID=7263ea9ceea3b75fe100f462d000824a)

Made-up citation: "It's like someone wrote a book just for me: The End of Faith is all about the nutbarhood of religious people, and why they're going to kill us all."

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