Friday, September 30, 2005

sweet merciful monkey cheese

exclamation. A sweeter, cheesier, mercifuller, and fully monkified alternative to "Jesus holy shit Christ!"

Related terms: OH DEAR SWEET MERCIFUL MONKEY MUFFINS!, Oh sweet merciful monkey murderer!, Sweet merciful f***monkeys!, Sweet merciful monkey ass!, Sweet merciful monkey crap!, Sweet merciful monkey-god!, SWEET MERCIFUL MOTHER MARY MOSES'S MANIACAL MONKEY OF MOTOWN!!!!!, Sweet merciful mother of purple monkey!, SWEET MERCIFUL MONKEY SHIT!, Sweet merciful monkey wang!, SWEETMERCIFUL MONKEY-FUCK!!!!!, SWEET MERCIFUL MONKEY JESUS!!!!, Sweet Merciful Monkey Christ!, Sweet merciful monkey crap on a stick!

Real citation: "Helpful for when you have no idea what the sweet merciful monkey cheese is going on."

Made-up citation: "'Sweet merciful monkey cheese' would not be a popular type of pizza."

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