Saturday, September 03, 2005


adj. A good thing on a futon of love; a bad thing on an operating table of angioplasty.

Real citation: "After yet another batch of horrific commercials, we're back with Doc Avari and his neurostim tools. He explains that after he drills a hole in Syd's skull, he'll insert a cranial shunt and drain the water from her brainpan. Ew. Once she's unconscious, they'll remove her skullcap and begin the neurostim. Yuck. Head's in the room, along with a non-surgical-glove-clad assistant. Nice sterile environment you got there, Doc. If the procedure doesn't kill her, then it's for damn sure all the rampant germs and infections will handle the job quite nicely."
(Erin Dailey, "Breaking Point," page 3, Television Without Pity,

Made-up citation: "Our line of non-surgical-glove-clad spokesfembots will efficiently meet your housework and wetwork needs."

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