Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A vision of the end of Breaking Bad

As I laid my weary body down to sleep last night, I was thinking--as usual--about Breaking Bad, which fascinates me 2341 times more than anything about my own life. While counting meth labs and trying to fall asleep, I caught a bleary glimpse of the end of the series.

Since TV writers love symmetry and parallels so much, I wonder if the final development/image of the show might be a callback to Tio and his bell of hell.

How is this possible? It's very possible if Walter--through some combo of cancer and getting shot to hell, probably by Jesse--ends up in a nursing home like Tio: incontinent, mute, powerless, and with the same goddamn bell.

Maybe someone will show up to torture Walt too, like Gus tortured Tio. That could be Jesse, Hank, or even Skyler or Walt Jr., if anyone from Walt's family is still alive at that point.

Am I cuckoo for Heisenberg puffs or would this be a perfect fate for Walter? Jail and death are too good for him, but for a guy with a metric assload of pride, total helplessness seems like a fitting end.

What do you think? Am I a genius? Or just the greatest prophet who ever lived?


Anonymous said...

Wow.... What foresight!! It would be so fitting! And I can see Jesse as the torturer if he ever finds out all the terrible things Walt's done to the few people Jesse has ever gotten close to.
- Jennie

girly_bits said...

A rating for your status as a genius or prophet can not be provided since I've never watched a minute of Breaking Bad in my life. Maybe the Russian Judge will give you more genius points. ;)

Shaney Shane Shane said...

Interesting thoughts. Were we supposed to glean from that season finale that Tio had tried to commit suicide the first time he was interrogated by the DEA-- thus making him an incontinent, wheelchair bound, invalid? Perhaps, you're right and Walter's final desperate act to try and control his own destiny will be to attempt suicide only to fail. Or, maybe I'm just reaching.

Esoteric Wench said...

It has been heartbreaking for me to watch Walt, who I've liked so much, surrender himself to his own pridefulness. As his Hamartia has fully emerged this past season (and with the knowledge that this upcoming season would be his last), I (like you) have asked myself what would be a fitting ending for Walt. Helpless and beholden to others seems like a punishment in parity with his crimes. But I also thought anonymity would be a just ending. There is a part of Walt that wants to proudly proclaim his nefarious accomplishments. But what if met his end knowing that no one knew of nor appreciated him as Heisenburg? What if he started, where he began, as an unnoteworthy school teacher, in a dead end job, living a mediocre middle class life... minus the wife and children he loves so dearly. Abandoned and forgotten.

Anonymous said...

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