Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ten thoughts about your mom

Progress has been made, but there are still too many white males in government and your mom.

Your mom is so crazy she goes cuckoo for Frosted Mini-Wheats.

Only say “I love you” or “I did your mom” when you mean it.

Most conflicts boil down to Betty vs. Veronica, ninjas vs. nuns, or your mom vs. everything good and holy and right.

If it seems disturbing that 10% of teens are OK with texting during sex, keep in mind those teens are all doing your mom.

Bathrooms are for customers! One of many things they have in common with your mom.

Not only does your mother wear army boots, but your army wears mom jeans.

I hate to sound like your dad, but your mom is pretty good in bed.

Remember, when you point the finger at someone, three other fingers are pleasuring your mom.

A world without mother jokes would be like a brothel without your mom.

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