Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Index Cardus Notetaking-asaurus

noun. A rare beast seldom found in the digital wilds.

Real citation: "One other thing is I'm finally dealing with a problem that has presented itself to me since I started grad school. By that time I had achieved enough financial power to have a laptop throughout grad school. Ever since I purchased the laptop I've been caught between the almost extinct Index Cardus Notetaking-asaurus and the electronic world of research and writing. I have always been a bit of a TechnoNerd so I was leaning heavily toward being fully electronic but several stumbling blocks kept me caught between two worlds:"
(March 11, 2009, Just Jen, http://piercework.typepad.com/just_jen/2009/03/let-it-flow-let-it-flow-let-it-blossomlet-ittext-pen-please.html)

Made-up citation: "Observe the Index Cardus Notetaking-asaurus in its natural habitat! Note its plumage! Look at its strange sexual predilections! (Only $50)."

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