Friday, September 19, 2008


noun. 1) The political momentum of moose-hunting, Russia-seeing, smack-talking, McCain-humping, VPILF-being Sarah Palin. 2) The noble momentum of a moose as it lives it's Bullwinklian life, trying to avoid motherfrakers like you-know-who.

Real citation: "Are you sure he didn't say 'moosementum'? That, I'll give her. I mean she can field dress one. Is that different from house dressing one? I'm a city girl."
(Sept. 2, 2008, Daily Kos,

Made-up citation: "It surprises political scientists that moosementum has become a key factor in the 2008 election--though 'reindeer-gate' has long been predicted as an inevitable battle site in the annual War on Christmas."

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love this word. Of course, that's partly because I have characters who are obsessed with moose. But then I've always liked the sound of the word moose as well.