Wednesday, July 30, 2008


adj. Happy, sunny, springy, cheery, bouncy, minty, giddy, and non-apocalypse-licking.

Real citation: "I love that this is a story laced with crack, yet the kind you could almost see CLAMP thinking would be an AWESOME thing to include in canon because Subaru and Seishirou (and Hokuto!) totally used to do stuff exactly like this. Well, not exactly. But it's happy X!SxS fic that's totally perfect and brilliant and non-doomtastic. This should always be cherished."

Made-up citation: "I never could cultivate a non-doomtastic outlook. I still see a leper in every leprechaun, and a chamber pot in every pot of gold. But to answer your question, officer, it wasn't me that went wee-wee in the no-no."

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