Thursday, September 21, 2006


noun. The la-la-iest land of the looniest.

Related terms: batshit loony, batshit whacko, batshit insane, batshit nutty, batshit nutso, batshit-demented, super-batshit-insane, completely-fucking-batshit-insane, batshit-fucking-crazy, batshit-sounding, non-batshit, pre-batshit, anti-batshit, batshit loonball, holy batshit, batshittery, batcrap, batpoop.

Real citation: "For the Shi'ites in the south, strip them of all resources, cut them off from everyone, and let them have their batshit insane theocracy. Gradually, airlift in supplies to the people of Batshitistan so they can kick out the oppressive rulers when they get sick of them."
(Ice Hockey Players, Aug. 24, 2006,

Made-up citation: "As a sometimes resident of Batshitistan, I'm just happy I have a passport. Potato wing!"

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