Friday, May 19, 2006


adj. A flavor of crappy that would make Ned Flanders proud as a diddly doodly something or other.

Related terms: crap-diddly-yap, crap-diddly-ap, crap-diddly-dap, crap-diddly-crap-crap, crap-diddly-doo, crap-diddly-tastic.

Real citation: "I was in the shade when I took the pictures which is why they look so crap-diddly-yappy. I lightened them the best I could, but you get the gist of her glee."
(July 17, 2005, The Kidlet Chronicles,

Made-up citation: "God doesn't make crap, but he does make a shitload of crap-diddly-yappy turd-like stuff."

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