Wednesday, April 26, 2006


adj. Or maybe it's just a naked mole rat...

Real citation: "Jay Alan Sekulow of the Pat Robertson-affiliated American Center for Law and Justice -- what's that you say? A center for law and justice? And they're American? Whatever they say must be right -- says the center "decided to enter the case after concluding that acceptance of the gay rights arguments by the court might provide a constitutional foundation for same-sex marriage." The Family Research Council -- formerly headed by Gary Bauer, the most fetusesque presidential candidate since, well, Steve Forbes, who got into the 2000 race a couple of weeks before Bauer -- says that the Texas law represents "a reasonable means of promoting and protecting marriage -- the union of a man and a woman.""
(Joe Rospars, March 21, 2003, That Other Blog,

Made-up citation: "Casual Friday has been more successful than Pagan rituals like Fetusesque Friday."

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