Thursday, February 24, 2005


noun. Fear of breasts. Ah! Breasts!

Real citation: "My boobophobia goes way back. When I was in middle school and needed a little trainer bra, I was too embarrassed to ask my mom for one. I joined the track team, which practiced after school, and I had to cup my nubbins with my hands as I ran laps. That same year, I came home from a dance once rather badly chafed. But that beat discussing my walnut bulges — and the fact that I was changing in ways I couldn't predict or control — with Mom."
(Martha Brockenbrough, "It was the breast of times," Aug. 19, 2002, The Mommy Chronicles,

Made-up citation: "Watching Chesty Morgan smother a man to death with her zip-code-worthy rack would make even the most mammary-minded citizen boobophobic."

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Martha said...

As the coiner of boobophobia, may I just say my breast is currently swelling with pride at this citation.

Also: don't forget "hypermammiferous," the adjective that means ultra-chesty, as coined by my friend Kat Giantis.