Sunday, September 14, 2008


adj. Look elsewhere, ye crap collectors, ye turd herders!

Real citation: "I think this kind of lesson is important for people (you know, those people, as well as the general public) to be aware of. Having done some teaching I know how frustrating it is to think 'But I said that already, like a hundred times !', but maybe it needs even more emphasis in these difficult times : Science is open to change; all that is needed is courage, insight, and something non-crapful to bring to the table."
(June 23, 2005, The Panda's Thumb,

Made-up citation: "Even though pessimism and gloom are stuffed in my DNA like a bag of coke up a drug mule, I have to say this month is turning out pretty non-crapful. There is no crapitudinousness. And life is not even remotely craptasticish."

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