Monday, September 15, 2008

NyQuil goggles

noun phrase. Sweet oblivion... Sweet Jesus! Sweet everything...

Real citation: "Also funny? How the world tends to look from a over-the-counter drug-induced haze. Wallace And Gromit in the Curse Of the Were-Rabbit was delightful fun but viewing the pic through Nyquil-goggles put more bunny rabbits hippity-hopping through the lobby after the movie let out and I wandered a bit trying to find the ladies' room. Not to mention right after when we walked over to my record store at got to see how utterly surreal a Saturday afternoon looked from the POV of a paying customer."
(Oct. 22, 2005, Monster on a Rope,

Made-up citation: "I remember the day we met... She had NyQuil goggles... I had horse tranquilizer goggles... That's why they call it romance, people."

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