Thursday, September 25, 2008

Princess Snotbucket

noun. Lady Boogerwad, I presume?

Real citation: "Princess Snotbucket
Our Little Princess has been beset by yet another cold. We were meant to go on a long walk today but we decided that the weather and the baby’s mood were both too foul, so Leila and I stayed home. Finn and Mark went but found it too wet when they got there so they’re off to a mega shopping centre in search of an advance screening of a movie about a fighting panda. For those of us back at the ranch there has been much yelling and crying, doses of both paracetamol and stuff to dry up noses, snot by the bucketful and Baby Einstein and Play School dvds on high rotation (Play School is the more popular of the two)."
(June 22, 2008, Leila Rose Petal,

Made-up citation: "What do you mean the sacred vial of NyQuil has failed Princess Snotbucket? Better get the exorcism tongs..."

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