Saturday, September 20, 2008

English muffin-fu

noun. One of the most advanced and delicious breakfast arts--though I find Swedish pancake-fu a tad more compelling...

Real citation: "My English Muffin-fu is strong"
(Nov. 21, 2005, Adam's Moblog,

Made-up citation: "My mother was a warrior. She taught me the atomic wedgie, the figure-four leglock, the pimp slapshot, the defenestration two-step, and the Kentucky kidney kabob. She made me learn some things myself: In foggy London, I discovered my English muffin-fu--plus, I can do things with a scone that will grow hair on the bottom of your feet."


BRose said...

It's even stronger when topped with eggs benedict!

whitecat said...

Last winter I worked part time at a retail establishment for "fun" (hah!) and extra money. There were things only managers could do to the cash register or time-entry computer. I used to call out, "I need some manager-fu, please."

Puffed up their little manager egos no end, it did.