Wednesday, September 03, 2008


noun. Some poop passeth. Some poop stayeth.

Real citation: "Our big problem now is poop juice. (When I say, "poop juice" I mean, literally, POOP JUICE. ) When he doesn't sleep all night (which is rare, but does happen), he'll wake early in the morning covered in poop juice. Even when he does sleep all night, he is covered in poop juice. This means I am washing sheets almost every single day and changing his pajamas constantly. I also think my fingers smell like perma-poop. It is disgusting."
(Nov. 13, 2007, Tales of an Ordinary Housewife,

Made-up citation: "The day my dog rolled in a pile of horse (or *shudder* man) poo, I feared my shit-covered pooch would forever be tainted with a brown coating of perma-poop. If my life were a Seinfeld episode, I would have given him away that day to prevent a future of crap-flavored doggie kisses. Since my life is actually a Shield episode, I soothed myself by foiling the police bureaucracy and instigating a gang war to protect my family."

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