Thursday, September 04, 2008


adj. Niiiice word. Did you think of it yourself or did you have help?

Real citation: "On the otherhand, for Gnesio-Evangelicals, faith is mediated. By that I mean, faith is mediated by a promise. All the while in Christian life, it is the promise (the Gospel) that drives all of deductions in life. I see this in the case of Abraham, his faith was not immediate, rather it was mediated by a promise (see the above verse). When Abraham was being tried he had no immediate word from God saying "look, all will be ok, relax, you kill him and I will raise him from the dead, OK? Don't worry, be happy". I am being sarcasmagoric but you know what I mean."
(June 3, 2008, Extra Nos,

Made-up citation: "Don't be so sarcasmagoric, pal. I don't have such a trained tongue, but I do have a rabid wombat who hasn't eaten in a long time..."

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