Tuesday, September 23, 2008


verb. Do I have to draw you a map, complete with scratch 'n' sniff technology? I can't do everything around here.

Related term: depoopified.

Real citation: "oooh excitement here at Chez Trash. When i got home from work there was a letter on the mat from that nice Mr. Raynsford, responding to my email about turd encrusted pavements in Charlton. He's taken the trouble to get in touch with the council leaders office and assures me that The Village, Charlton is swept daily and depooified where necessary. Since he took the trouble to reply, i think i'll vote for him. Oh, forgot! I can't, I'm a postal voter and I've cast my 43 votes for someone else already. Still at least he wrote..."
(April 5, 2005, HaloScan.com, http://www.haloscan.com/comments/inspectorsands/111520610855816052/)

Made-up citation: "Well, my dog rolled in shit again. It wasn't a turdtastrophe of Biblical proportions like last time, but I'm still barfed out to the max. To recap for the home viewers, the most disgusting things my dog has ever done are: 4) Rolling on a skeletony rat corpse, 3) Picking a used condom off the pavement, 2) Rolling in a little pile of poo, and 1) Rolling in a historical pile of poo. I think I've depooified him, but now that my bathtub needs to be scrubbed and nuked, where's a decontamination chamber for me?"

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BRose said...

And to think, I was chastising him for trying to tongue-kiss me when I had a cold. Clearly, that one does not fear germs.