Wednesday, September 10, 2008


noun. A palooka with groin-bending feminine wiles and face-smashing right hooks.

Real citation: "Most involved—and opinionated—was Roseanne. Earlier in the night, she had climbed into the ring to congratulate female lightweight fighter Christy Martin, who had just stopped palookette Bethany Payne in the first round. Back in the VIP room, Roseanne offered her own formula for livening up the sport: Let men fight women. 'The men don't stand a chance,' the actress declared. Got a problem with that?"
(Nov. 25, 1996, People,,,20142861,00.html)

Made-up citation: "Do you think all women are palookettes or proctologistesses? Discuss your answer in a 500-word essay that shows critical thinking and good penmanship."

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