Monday, September 08, 2008


noun. Oil?

Real citation: "The Space Pumpkin leaps up, he knows the drill
He grins at the thought of a mutant to kill
He blasts off from Mars and heads for the stars
With his jetpack he's faster than a hundred squad cars
He jumps out in front of Astro-Creep's path
and launches an arsenal with a maniacal laugh
Solar spiders and asteroid bats rocket through the ether
Exploding on the ThunderJeep, above and underneath her
But Astro-Creep was far from beat, though he lost his cool
He shoots back nano-slime, laser snot and even robo-drool
Down below costumed kids see aurora borealis
Unaware 'twere an omen of freakyzoidal malice"
(Oct. 30, 2007, Pooing in the Woods,

Made-up citation: "As oil supplies run out and robot armies outnumber humanity, it's likely that robo-drool will solve our energy problems in the near future. And if we learn how to harness robo-phlegm...our troubles are over."

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