Monday, September 29, 2008


adj. So wet. So devilish. Pass the tanning butter.

Real citation: "All of that, and what I really wanted to tell you was what Tonks told me today:
'Been gigging with my pals Bloodkin a good bit lately - they're playing really, really well these days, and I'm happy to pull a WWJPD? (What Would Jimmy Page Do? Well, probably hold an aqua-satanic ceremony, defile a nubile teen and add another guitar at the chorus, but that's beside the point. Well, at least I can add another guitar at the chorus. Gotta start somewhere.) Dave Barbe calls them his favorite American band of all time, bar none. That, and I'm wishing I still had a telecaster. WWJPD?'"
(Aug. 18, 2008, Confluence City,

Made-up citation: "Really, Mindy Lou? You'll stick with me, even despite my aqua-Satanic proclivities, which have drowned so many mammals and lizards (who totally deserved it) before their time? You're the best girl ever. The best! Wanna go for a dip?"

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