Thursday, September 04, 2008


noun. Not exactly what you were hoping to find in your career or frozen banana treat.

Real citation: " It really brings me down to see people who get paid to write, like Ben Lieberman, come up with titles like 'Energy Policy That Should Have Been Flushed.' It brings me down even more when those titles belong to articles that lack any interesting or relevant content. Presumably, by giving his piece such a crude and unimaginative title, Lieberman wanted to foreshadow the truly abysmal nature of this energy policy. Disappointingly, the article itself never gets around to proving that abysmality...abysmalness...abysmalitude...well, you know what I mean."
(Dec. 27, 2007, Rust Belt Philosophy,

Made-up citation: "What abysmalitude is this? How can God allow such abominationitude in the world? Oh, a thousand pardons. I didn't know that was your face."

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