Tuesday, September 09, 2008


noun. 1. A mystical beast. 2. A crotchal beast.

Real citation: "Some of the best weapons are made from deep into either Master Hammersmith, Axesmith of Swordsmith. Though pricy, they are still agrueable the best. The first and second tier only require little 5 manning to get the Primal Nethers. And the third tier will require you to go to a 25 man raid for the Nether thingy."
(March 22, 2007, VN Boards, http://vnboards.ign.com/world_of_warcraft_general_board/b19789/102042918/p2/?21)

Made-up citation: "Bad pick-up line #436: Would you like to see my nether-thingy?
Bad pick-up line #437: I'm as horny as a box of rocks."

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