Wednesday, September 17, 2008


adj. Mmmm.... Makes me want to wrap my head in duct tape and get to work on a career overlooked by young professionals who can only imagine themselves as third basemen, press secretaries, and hedgehog whisperers.

Real citation: "i finished adamas. it’s not blocked yet, but it felt good to get it off the needles. i used my handspun fingering weight so i only needed to work 11 repeats instead of 14 before it got on my nerves. i think it’s a good-sized shawl and it’s definitely gonna be bandit-licious. (i think that’s gonna be the first, last and only time i use that word.) i love the way it striped. i tried to get the colors to match up when i plied it, but i need a true lazy kate and not the one that’s onboard my spinning wheel. it’ll give me more even tension between the bobbins and it’ll come out a bit more matched, however, singles do what they want. i think the only way for you to get long color runs is to navajo-ply. i have to practice that more. it’s essentially chained singles, but mine always look too bumpy from the chains."
(July 15, 2008, Jenjerpeach Knits,

Made-up citation: "Named only for his mustache and bandit-licious ways, the comedy stylings of the Groucho Bandit have yet to be fully evaluated."

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BRose said...

Thank goodness I have this word in my repertoire since I watched "The Assassination of Jesse James" last weekend. Because Brad Pitt is truly bandit-licious in that movie!!! Mmmmmmm....bandits.