Monday, August 04, 2008


noun. Look deep into the eyes of a kitten, and this ye shall find. Did I say kitten? Make that "eight-headed, multi-genitalia'd, ten-tentacled hellbeast from Jersey".

Real citation: "As much as I dislike Kenny Thomas' basketball ability (more on that tomorrow), it's painful to see this turn into such a disaster. Really, for storytelling sake, the only reasonable thing that can come out of this season is a five guard line-up at some point, just to nail the image of ineffiency and abominationitude the bigs have been. (That might be the worst sentence in written word's history; I apologize, but I do not regret.)"
(April 4, 2007, Sactown Royalty,

Made-up citation: "Outside of Biblically ordained cataclysms and family picnics, I see very little abominationitude these days. Is it going out of style?"

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