Thursday, October 09, 2008

post-traumatic cheesesteak syndrome

noun phrase. I know nothing of cheesesteaks, but a food baby may be involved.

Related terms: post-traumatic butt-viewing stress disorder, post-traumatic dating syndrome, post-traumatic red wine disorder, post-traumatic sexy caged-heat syndrome, post-traumatic stress syndromey, post-traumatic swirly disorder, post-traumatic Tony Danza Show disorder.

Real citation: "Let me add in here that it is not too long ago that I was heavily medicated for OCD, and we are sitting here with greasy steaks, fries, on a dirty stoop-- with 2 napkins to share between the three of us. None of this matters now because we have the beloved Philly cheese steak in hand, and we have the battle wounds to prove it. The anticipation is too much to handle and we bite in with such abandon . . .only to find . . . it's a cheese steak. . . Nothing special .. .after all that we'd had such high expectations and were quite disappointed. The fries were cold, the steak was greasy, and all together a waste of a few million calories. So there you have it. Between the yelling, the dirty eating accommodations, the million calories, and disappointing finish, you can see why I have affectionately called this Post traumatic cheese steak syndrome."
(April 18, 2008, Exactly where I am,

Made-up citation: "Few doctors can accurately diagnose post-traumatic cheesesteak syndrome anymore. My own personal physician said I'm lack toast and tolerant, so I'm not exactly engorged with faith in the medical community. "

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