Wednesday, October 22, 2008


adj. Icky and sticky and sicky, with just a dash of poo for flavor.

Real citation: "All of the dominoes seem to be poised to tumble in a triumphant row until the book is teed up for NY Times review and Michiko Kakutani, in a fit of high dudgeon (her favorite altitude), sets up her portable execution stand and condemns this brazen excuse for a book for being vulgar, meretricious, sordid, immature, and repulsively icky-sticky-sicky poo, not to mention an insult to our brave forces overseas...after which point, the stunned author staggers to the departure gate, consoling herself with her royalty checks and movie rights, never again to be heard of on our shores. Then some hot new tell-all gets Denmark in a lather, and the carousel starts whirling all over again."
(James Wolcott, June 6, 2008,

Made-up citation: "I don't give my creative writing students grades... I give them adjectives. Just this week I handed out an icky-sticky-sicky-poo, an endlessish, three personal-boundary-invadings, and a non-abominationable--the highest praise I've given a poem since 1961."

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