Thursday, October 16, 2008


noun. Mommy.... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Real citation: "Where Aaron Young is somehow conceptually absent from his work, Melee is unavoidably present and fully displayed. His installation is probably the only thing in the show that would have raised eyebrows in the Giuliani Administration, and it's also the point in Greater New York where art viewing and making comes closest to trauma. It's not that the pervy momsploitation isn't studied-the aspect of self-aware, gleeful performance is always palpable in the videos-it's that for all the bourgeoisie-baiting involved, Robert Melee's High Life is an installation that deals with real fucked-upness, latent dread behind the campy shocks, and art as a way to process pain into something that's at least horrifying rather than horrible. In the context of Greater New York, that level of unmodulated, unstable content was bracing"
(June 16, 2005, n+1,

Made-up citation: "For anyone traumatized by the mere mention of momsploitation, I sincerely apologize. Just don't think about your own mom and an elephant--listening to Barry White in a tasteful low-budget film--and you'll be fine."

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