Monday, October 06, 2008


noun. Insert blushing here.

Real citation: "“CAT!!—Get back in there and put on clothes—no one out here wants to see your nekkiditity!” Wicked grin, disappeared into the house, but only after, “Don’t sla-” SLAMMM!! “m…the door.” ::sigh:: Got my bucket and started going around to the feeders and she was back out there in just moments, dressed properly for outdoor viewing and she helped me clean out the old seeds and pour in the new. She REALLY likes that cool scooper with the hole in it."
(July 21, 2003, Possumblog,

Made-up citation: "I once flaunted my nekkiditity onstage, while squawking like a bird, leaping to the top of refrigerators, and competing with a milkman for the affections of a babe. Was this the highlight of my theatrical career? Or just a terrifying visit to Aunt Petunia?"

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