Wednesday, October 22, 2008


verb. To remove all upchuckiness from a situation, especially the kind of situation that makes citizens say "Gag me with a spatula!"

Real citation: "Also! C-sections make me barf, too! I am now an Old Pro, so I go in and I say to Fred (I’m on a first-name basis with the anesthesiologist), “Fred. Do not let me barf.” And he says, “I will not let you barf,” and he pats his jacket pocket where he has put several pre-loaded syringes of anti-barf. And then when I feel the first tinges of nausea, I say, “Debarfify me!” and he does. Last time, I did not even barf! Or gag! Except one little gag when I waited too long to tell him I was getting queasy. This is in sharp contrast to my first two c-sections, where I barfed all the way through the procedure and for hours and hours afterwards. Which makes for such pretty photos."
(May 23, 2008, Zoot,

Made-up citation: "I will eat the pea soup, but only if you debarfify my bowl, my body, and the entire tri-state area. These are my conditions. You have one day to respond, or I'll release the duck."

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