Thursday, October 30, 2008


noun. A butticular celebration that has many cousins.

Real citation: "Bud is perfectly fine for what it is - a light, somewhat sweet American pilsner. If I'm at the beach, I'm not reaching for a Asstoberfest frappe. I'm grabbing a Bud. I used to drink Pabst and Miller, but in recent months, those beers have tasted so vile that I've sworn off them forever."
(Sept. 19, 2008, The Noise Boston,

Made-up citation: "In honor of this fine Asstoberfest, I am getting my fourth point of contact exorcised by a local troupe of freelance proctologists who know where the deadliest of demons dwell."

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Larissa Gaston said...

Asstoberfest is just Oktoberfest, about 3 hours in...(or less).