Wednesday, October 08, 2008


noun. Colonel Sanders! You touch me like you know me.

Real citation: "I love you, you are my hero. But only under the condition that your soulful outburst of appreciation and enthusiasm for that chicken, a.k.a. 'chicken-gasm' was of a genuine, non-scripted nature. Chances are being that it's a Mac-Donalds commercial, the outburst was pre-meditated in some way shape or form. Alas, you likes your chicken and aren't afraid to tell the world, and that's admirable."
(Oct. 3, 2005, I'm alive and well... Where am I?,

Made-up citation: "As a former NCAA chicken-finger-eating champion and brave consumer of the tastefully named Chernobyl chicken wings, I have always been capable of multiple chicken-gasms. I also admire the noble fowl for its intelligence and ability to hop."

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