Monday, October 06, 2008


noun. An annoying quality that's about as truly edgy as an egg.

Real citation: "I totally agree. Dexter got involved with Rita to appear normal, not because he was attracted to her or found her interesting in any real way. She's his beard. He is Plastic Dexter with her. I am still attached to the notion that Dexter is a sociopath who doesn't have feelings so I don't think what some could interpret as him developing feelings for her and the kids is more than a convenient, not unpleasant habit for him. While Lila may be irritating with her edgier-than-thouness Dexter is attracted to her. The fire. The darkness. Whatever it is. And there is so much intimacy between them - tip of my hat to MCH - that just doesn't exist with he and Rita."
(Higness, Nov. 4, 2007, "2-5: "The Dark Defender" 2007.10.28," Television Without Pity,

Made-up citation: "Among hipsters, edgier-than-thouness is epidemic. Not that I would know anything about that. Mmm, I'm really enjoying this napalm latte... Smooth."


BRose said...

I think the key piece of information here is not the cited word, it's the fact that you've apparently taking to trolling around Dexter message boards. Loser.

Mark Peters said...

Who's Dexter? Serial killers are ishy!

Peter Robins said...

Can't see any way to leave tips, but may I suggest "unpalinated", freshly coined by Wyatt Mason at Harper's (

Still really enjoying the blog...

Larissa Gaston said...

Having just watched the entire second season of Dexter on DVD this weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see - and understand the context for! - the real citation of today's word. But I'll stay out of the message boards. Those are for losers (apparently).

Mark Peters said...


Thanks for the great tip!


That was just my girlfriend kidding me, and then me kidding her. I am freaking obsessed with Dexter, and I'm more of a reader than participant, but I love the message boards. Half this blog comes from them!

I have 3 episodes left in season two, and I am going bananas. I might watch all 3 tonight!