Sunday, October 26, 2008


noun. A little less code-orange-y than armageddon.

Real citation: "How many more times are we going to face Armageddon before they're done? I ask merely for information. Maybe they should downgrade the rating, based on the regularity of the threat? Maybe next time, Harry could say, 'It's Hand-ageddon, people.' Then Connie could be her stoic self and demur, 'It's LittleFinger-ageddon.' Of course the day it actually happens, they'll have to call it HeadsandShouldersKneesandToes-ageddon. That's only fair."
(Nov. 21, 2007,

Made-up citation: "According to my therapist, it's not the armageddons that kill you; it's the little-finger-ageddons. I killed my therapist with a big hammer, which is also worth considering."


Hope said...

That reminds me of something I started saying as a child. After a couple of good wallopings, I figured out that flipping "The Bird" was a dreadful offense.

So instead, I started saying, "You're not even worth The Bird. You're only worth The Feather" and sticking my pinkie finger up.

Okay, yeah, upon reading this post, I see that it's nothing like little-finger-aggedon, but I'm loathe to delete after typing all that up there.


Hehe ☺

Mark Peters said...


That is awesome...

Hehe indeed.