Tuesday, October 21, 2008


interjection. Kaboomaboom.

Real citation: "Todd, size doesn't matter in terms of destructive force. I mean, you could say, "An atom is too small to hurt anything." Then along comes Mr. Einstein and Mr. Oppenheimer and they split that little atom and then KABOOMAPOW!!!!!! everybody in Hiroshima has their face melt off. So don't act like you're not a potential source of planetary harm. I mean, you're somewhat larger than an atom, I guess. Imagine what would happen if someone came along and split you. It'd be pretty gross. But who knows what else might happen?"
(March 30, 2007, Sequential Pictures Forum, http://www.sequentialpictures.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=15384&highlight=&sid=599a70f42251c1b1d913c1e42d9b0369)

Made-up citation: "We're not sure what went wrong in surgery, but the repeated sounds of 'kaboomapow' and 'aaaaieeeeeeeeeee' should not be taken as a bad sign. Dr. Peters has a unique surgical style, like House with a chainsaw. The medical journals call him the Picasso of the lacrosse stick, if that makes you feel better."

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