Sunday, December 07, 2008

Brichon Fra-something-doodle

noun. Part Bichon Frise. Part poodle. Part frappawhatsit. Part duck.

Real citation: "Behind the screen door was a small curly-haired Brichon Fra-something-doodle. The danty dog looked like a white-haired princess who had finally been rescued by her long-lost Prince. A middle-aged man wearing a skull belt buckle appeared at the door. He looked at me. Then at Snork."
(Jen Kanyugi, 2008, L Street Running Club,

Made-up citation: "My dog looooooves white fluffballs. A Brichon Fra-something-doodle is right in his wheelhouse, as is an Australian schnauzer-doodle-whatever-poo. I think he has fluff envy, being so short-haired himself; he only wants to play with the hairballiest pooches in the park."

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