Wednesday, December 10, 2008


noun. The preferred gender-neutral term for our congressional compatriots.

Related term: congressroach.

Real citation: "The entire industry is switching to all digital transmission - by 2007 the analog spectrum will be reclaimed for other uses...the new TVs DO have all of this encryption built does Microsoft Vista, so do the new HD-compatible monitors, so do the new Blu-Ray and HD-DVD compatible devices, etc...
...AAAAAND, YOU, the consumer, are paying extra for ALL of it...
Enjoy it. And be sure to thank your Congress-cockroach for making it all happen for you as well..."
(Feb. 9, 2006,,

Made-up citation: "When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be a congress-cockroach when I grew up, so I could serve my country. But after spending a few years as pond scum, and then a summer as dog poo, I decided that my true destiny was to be the sewer rat my friends know and set traps for today."

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Anonymous said...

I suppose that is a bit more aggressive than congresscritter, which is what I've been calling them for decades.