Wednesday, December 03, 2008


noun. The science that explains why the world is cuckoo for crack-o puffs.

Real citation: "Higgledy-piggledyology
Is the world simple or is it complicated? Spend too much time listening to particle physicists and you might be forgiven for thinking that the world is simple. Regaled by their popular books and lectures that wax eloquent about the essential unity and simplicity of nature, persuaded that the discovery of a single 'theory of everything' succinct enough to fit on the tiniest T-shirt is imminent, one might almost become persuaded that the world was all simplicity and symmetry."
(John D. Barlow, Physics World, Jan. 1991,

Made-up citation: "Since accepting the tenets of higgledy-piggledyology, my pool game, exorcism business, and love life have all flourished. Even my scent is more higgledy-piggledy-wiggledy, according to stray dogs."

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