Tuesday, December 09, 2008

get one's who-gives-a-shit on

verb phrase. An arduous undertaking in the age of meh.

Real citation: "My daily excursion to the V-blogs to 'get my news on' as I call it has turned into 'getting my-who-gives-a-shit on.' I think after so many years of daily exasperation at the psychotic political landscape I have finally snuggled into the New World Order."
(June 20, 2007, Deep Fried, http://www.whatisdeepfried.com/blogs10.html)

Made-up citation: "I'd like to help you with your problem, sir; I truly would. In fact, I'm going to try to get my who-gives-a-shit on right now... OK, here goes: trying, trying, trying, ughhhhhhhhh! Well, this is embarrassing. I couldn't quite summon the energy, even from the innermost depths of my being, depths that have seldom been plumbed, even by professional plumbers. Guess you're out of luck. So's your face."

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