Wednesday, December 31, 2008


noun. The real reason behind the writer's strike.

Real citation: "A fair share of newfangled revenue. Management is currently offering us adjusted bubkes of what they are making off Internet sell-through, streaming, ringtones, Webisodes, cellisodes, iPodisodes, celebrity-narrated colonoscosodes, or the psychotic episodes they’ve been beaming into your brain, brought to you by Clozaril™. All we are asking is 2.5 per cent of revenue, based on forty per cent of gross receipts, divided by zero, in bullion. We believe that this is a fair formula, yet one complicated enough for Management to continue to find ways to exercise their cheating rights."
(Nov. 19, 2007, Larry Doyle, The New Yorker,

Made-up citation: "Stay tuned for a very special episode--pardon me--a very special colonoscosode of Grey's Anatomy, entirely narrated by Meredith's butt."

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