Thursday, December 04, 2008


adj. Since "ish" and "licious" cancel each other out, according to the principles of applied mathematical linguistics, we are left with no more and no less than a spiffy state of affairs.

Real citation: "Weeeeee! Thanks so much secret santa! *uploads* Very spiffy-ish-licious!"
(Dec. 19, 2005, PPT Forum,

Made-up citation: "Whether I'm saving women and children in surgery or terrorizing lowlife criminals in alleyways, I always look spiffy-ish-licious. That's just how I was raised."

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Garden Wise Guy said...

It just doesn't roll off the tongue. I'd be more partial to 'spiffilicious' - though the meaning slightly changes, it sings.

My newest coinage at my recent blog is "vocabularious" as in, "I'm usually a pretty vocabularious guy, but lately I've been running out of words. My blog goes on to direct people to You might enjoy a quick stop-over.

VT is where I just discovered your blog - great stuff for this nascent writer.