Monday, December 22, 2008


adj. Duh-tacular-ish.

Real citation: "Well, why don't I start by saying what's wrong with Halloween? I'm such a pessimist! Everything of life is wrong. No questions asked.
1) The obvious-tacular-ish one: SAFETY!
No, I am not talking about the whole "syringe-in-the-bag-of-chips/poisoned-apple" thing. I mean RAPE. There are a lot of rapists out there, especially in MY community (lawl@that) and child predators and whatnot. And on occasion the person you/your child is taking candy from IS a rapist!! GASP. And if you're one of those parents on crack-cocaine, then you MIGGGHHHT not know WHAT your child is dressed up as. So here is a fun little scenario I'm throwing together as it forms in my head.
Child dressed as a ghost goes up to rapist's house. Rapist kidnaps child, escapes to mexico. The parent on crack-cocaine can obv describe the child... but then they'll be all 'zomg I don't know what costume it was wearing'. Then the child floats up dead on your local beach/your well.
That's why Halloween is not safe.
(Nov. 1, 2008, Livejournal,

Made-up citation: "After 36 years on this planet, one thing and one thing only has become obvious-tacular-ish: pale ale goes great with pizza. Don't say I never taught you anything, future generations!"

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