Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ted-Bundy-of-the-month club

noun phrase. A less snuggly social group than the Fluffy-bunny-of-the-month club, sources suggest.

Real citation: "Do not get me wrong, I am enamoured (enthralled?) as the next red-blooded hombre by Penthouse Letters and senseless violence. However, the main reason this venture doesn't quite do it for me is the fact Tom is such an obvious candidate for the Ted-Bundy-of-the-Month club from the start. And his comportment of himself at the end of the piece, though ogreish, is really no surprise. This particular lack of character range serves to magnify the propaganda aspect of the venture when that aspect (propaganda) needs must be almost seamlessly and transparently embedded in a work in order for it to transcend that pejorative label."
(Aug. 25, 2006, TQR Confidential,

Made-up citation: "I like being a guy. It makes dating easier. There are so many bottom-feeding, horror-spreading, mega-drooling dudes out there, that if you're not a member of the Ted-Bundy-of-the-month club, you appear to be a great catch, even if you're not. The bar, it is low."

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