Sunday, December 21, 2008

Catholic dog exorcist whisperer guy

noun phrase. A quiet professional who always carries holy water and Scooby snacks.

Real citation: "ahhh thats better. Thanks to the Dog Whisperer/Exorcist, the shapeshifting schitzu dog demon thing is happier and I can now lead it around the house without it perching evil-ly on my back ... thanks Catholic Dog Exorcist Whisperer guy you've saved the universe again with your anti-demon-dog-back-perching superpowers ... and the shoulders on my shirts are now completely clean with no unnecessary evil demon-dog mess."
(Nov. 14, 2007, The Paracast Community Forums,

Made-up citation: "Mom! I want to be a Catholic dog exorcist whisperer guy when I grow up. They wear the funnest hats."

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