Wednesday, August 27, 2008


noun. A euphemtastic quality that is widely available in the tri-state region.

Real citation: "salima has been at massage school, tirelessly (and probably in futility) fighting to drill a hole of clear blue sky through the hazy shroud of 'what-the-bleepishness' that hangs over austin….just a little hole, a pinprick, with a chisel and not terribly gracefully….this really is a kind of hilarious crusade where i feel a bit like don quixote in a dali painting….but please don't assume that means i go ranting at all and every spooky belief….i got my own spooky stuff, i'm sure….."
(Gaia Community,

Made-up citation: "Don't blame your what-the-bleepishness on me, sonny. As your father, I gave you my home, my dreams, my legacy, and a yellow-bellied marmot named Queen Elizabeth. Your what-the-bleepitude is your own."

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