Thursday, August 14, 2008


noun. Adventures that are asshatian in nature. One might guess they were undertaken at the whim of a hat.

Real citation: "The over-riding rule on Stanky's Gungame Server is simply: "Don't be an asshat". Stanky's admins are to inform....then warn....after which time, if the asshat-capades continue, then consequences are to be dealt out as needed (often a slap, slay or other mani-admin command can be effective enough without resorting to immediately kicking someone)."
(Oct. 17, 2006, Forums,

Made-up citation: "They wanted to call the movie adaption of my autobiography Asshat-capades, but I blanched. The Bootylicious Buttmunch-capades of the Macabre Mark Peters will be released in 2012."

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